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The secret to getting better at maths is ................ You've got to make mistakes.

I built this app to help students improve their grade in Maths.

Let me walk you through how to use my website to practice maths. The video below explains all.

How to Use Le(Math)

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Standard Math

This contains all the core skills needed to succeed at GCSE, IGCSE or Middle School Maths

Try to work through each subsection. Watch the help, video and work through each problem before you move on to the next.

Advanced Math

This containts all the core skills to succeed at A-Level, International Baccalaureate, and Pre-University Math

The Pure section is the standard algebra syllabus of many courses world wide. Try to work through each section to build up your skills

The Mechanics section is the applied mathematics of many courses. Dealing with forces, and Newton's laws of Motion.

Hi, I'm Mr Sindroja

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I'm a maths teacher of 10 years experience. I really love teaching mathematics, it's my passion in life.

Having struggled with Maths during school. I developed methods to help understand it, and improve my ability. I realised early on the secret to getting better at Maths. You've got to make mistakes.

Learn the basic skills, and then try as many problems as you can. Every time you get something wrong, try and figure out where you went wrong.

My app is going to help you improve your grade. Work through each section step by step, practicing the skills as you go along. The more challenging problems you attempt the better your grade will be.

Watch the YouTube video to learn the skill, and then apply it to as many of the problems as you can.

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